icon of stachmatic

This is just a small experimental android app developed by me. It started with a small app we had to develop for a school project. With the app you can make photos and add filters to the photo. I added the feature to add a moustache to the picture and let it share with your friends.



example image taken with stachmatic, downsized to 100px though




In order to be able to install an app which is not available in the market, you have to activate the setting Unkown Sources. You can find this setting under the menu point Security.

The app should be installed after this steps.

Tested Devices

If you were able to run the app successfully on your device, please send me an email to with the name of the device you used.


As I had some troubles with Out of Memory Exceptions, I decided to downsize and crop the images taken with the camera to a size of 400x400 Pixels. Therefore the resolution of the pictures is not that great and some parts of the original image are cut.