Website nowadays tend to be overloaded with a lots of data which is not useful and distracting the user.

Nowadays a normal Website not only consists of the HTML code but also loads several Javascript files, Stylesheet files, Flash elements etc. Websites use several KB whereby the information itself consists of only some Bytes. This seems maybe not as a problem as the bandwidth is increasing every year but not in all countries high speed internet is accessible yet. Furthermore, also bandwidth is a resource and also this resource should be used carefully.

Even small websites with only small amount of information tend to have a lot of design elements to fill out the emptiness of the website, instead of designing the content and improving the information.

A Further trend is the use of asynchronous communication and loading data on the fly on the website. As this may be a good idea for some attributes of the websites, an overuse of this technique makes the experience just annoying.

I think it is time to stop this nonsense and raise the awareness of this problem. Let's make the web about information again. Let's build clean, pure, only HTML sites.

Target of HTMLonly

HTMLonly Policy

Sites which are built after the HTMLonly Policy follow the following rules.


If you want to participate, add the following link in the footer of your web page and send an email to

<a href="">built under the HTMLonly policy</a>

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HTML hints

Responsive HTML for mobile:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">